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Company Values



As a professional Technology Integration company,
FEDERAL TECHNOLOGIES has adopted the standards of excellence
as defined by ICIA.

In every project and on every day-to-day
decision and action,
FEDERAL TECHNOLOGIES strives to adhere to the following values:

“We work to provide comprehensive Technology Solutions
that meet our client’s business and lifestyle needs.”
“We seek to give client the best possible value
and return on investment.”
“We design and provide a seamless operational interface for components used in our solutions to create a stable and viable system.”
“We specify in our proposal and quotation all the necessary components and services required to create the solution and clearly discuss any exceptions.”
“Our staff is in programs to become industry certified, to maintain their certification and to keep current on new developments in technology.”
“We pursue a collaborative relationship with our client to understand the needs and recommend solutions to achieve complete customer satisfaction.”
“We provide on-going support for our solutions through warranty and maintenance programs to ensure the solution’s usability and the client’s satisfaction.”
“We design and integrate systems that promote ease-of-use, long-term cost-effectiveness and upgradeability.”
“We provide appropriate and complete documentation of our solutions.”
“We are a source of professional training services to help the client become proficient in using the technologies and systems.”