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Actualités FEDERAL TECHNOLOGIES Adopts Appian
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Appian Anywhere

Abu Dhabi, July, 16, 2009 _ FEDERAL TECHNOLOGIES is pleased to announce that they have adopted Appian Anywhere as a business process management tool.

Using this powerful application, FEDERAL TECHNOLOGIES will focus on process improvement and enhancing customer satisfaction through greater transparency and communication. Antoine Romeas, FEDERAL TECHNOLOGIES' Workflow Development Officer said:

"It is anticipated that FEDERAL TECHNOLOGIES will greatly improve our internal processes leading to greater efficiencies and improved customer service".

FEDERAL TECHNOLOGIES will start with Human Resources but will quickly identify key business processes across the organization that will benefit from Appian Anywhere, including Project Management and Sales & Marketing. Bob McGouldrick, Director of Projects said:

"Showing our customers clear & transparent processes convinces them that FEDERAL TECHNOLOGIES are easy to do business with and Appian Anywhere is the ideal tool to deliver this."


For further information about "Appian Anywhere", please visit: http://www.appian.com/bpm-saas.jsp


About the Company: Established in Abu Dhabi in 1999, FEDERAL TECHNOLOGIES is the MENA premier Technology Integration Company fielding multiple teams of experts working to design, integrate and maintain world-class Technology Solutions for all forms of Lifestyle, Leisure and Business Applications.