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Heart of Doha is a 35-hectare site within the centre of Doha City, Qatar which will become the centre piece of Qatar’s architectural transformation. The developer, Dohaland has initiated an unique sales experience concept through the creation of a museum ‘esque’exhibition suite, situated on a barge which will moor at the Doha port. The suite, which features multiple free spaces showcasing many forms of exhibits of Qatar’s history, includes a number of high-tech interactive AV and control solutions for visitors to interact with.

FEDERAL TECHNOLOGIES has partnered with a leading AV Multimedia design company, AV&Controls from NYC, to build and maintain these special purpose systems which include interactive artifact recognition and digital story book solutions.

  • Client AV&C New York City
  • Scope Build
  • Location Doha, Qatar
  • Date October, 2009
  • Duration On Going
  • Systems Interactive Artifact tables;
    Digital projection story books;
    3D aspect projection models.

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